Companis Connects

Companis Workers Help Build a Better Health Care System

Sometimes the World Wide Web leads us home.

 In Jennifer Chin’s case it led her all the way back to Companis, the community service provider based in her hometown and housed in the church she grew up in.

 The 22-year-old University of California graduate wanted to take a breather between college and medical school. Called her whole life to public service, she sat down at her computer and Googled health care and nonprofits, and up popped Companis.

Companis is the ‘Magic’ Ingredient in Meeting Community Needs

There’s Companis magic at work in the world.

This is a story about how Companis’ commitment to Diverse Harmony, the nation’s first gay-straight alliance youth chorus, has brought a high level of professional expertise and thousands of volunteer hours to a developing organization . . .

And in the process, kids are finding their place in the world.

Companis ‘Anchors’ Recent Immigrant Serving Our Elder Neighbors

Companis Worker Dayal Sarkar’s father and mother worked long and hard in the fields of rural India. His father, he recalls, would rise early with a cloth bag of rice knotted around his waist, grab the plow, and head to the fields. He was stooped from constant labor. As a child, Dayal, now engaged in care of aging adults through Companis, would bring lunch to his father in the field.

Christine Keff Receives Newell Award

The Companis Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Christine Keff is this year’s recipient of the Janet G.